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Michael G's Handcrafted Italian

Not in the mood to cook? Taste the best pizza in Chelsea. Chelsea is home to the ever-popular Michael G's Handcrafted Italian. With great pizzas on the menu, it isn't hard to see why. You'll find more than just pizza at the top restaurants in Chelsea. Try some of the local top dishes for a treat. Try Neapolitan Pizza and see why it's such a local favorite. Bulk up your meal with steak fries. It's the best way to make sure you don't go away hungry. Michael G's Handcrafted Italian has been a Slice partner for years, providing delivery and takeout in the community. Take home your pizza with curbside pickup. It's never been easier to grab a pizza whenever you feel the urge. Save yourself some money with one of the regular deals at Michael G's Handcrafted Italian. It's a great way to make your dollars stretch further. Pay by credit card.

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